The Quality Management Division (QMD) Is one of 20 plus special interest divisons within the American Society for Quality (ASQ). To see how the QMD fits into the structure of the ASQ we have developed a PowerPoint presentation. To view this presentation please click here.

The QMD conducts an intensive annual Strategic Development and Deployment (SDD) process so that it can position itself to convey lifelong quality related knowlege through information, methods and tools that add value to organizations, society and individuals. In doing so, we utilize the Hoshin Kanri strategic planning process which we call the X-Matrix.

We work across the year to obtain pertinant Voice of the Customer (VOC) feedback from our multiple customer types including: Our Membership, ASQ, Other affilitated Quality Organizations, Our Community and Our Volunteers that help to execute to these plans. We convert this feedback into strategies that we believe will best meet our VOC needs.

In 2009-2010, our key strategies are to:

          1. Develop Membership Expertise

2. Regain Membership Growth

3. Determine VOC needs to develop products and services

4. Identify and define our markets

5. Incorporate Social Responsibility into our products and services and

6. Enhance and improve our QMD infrastructure

These strategies are closely aligned with ASQ's business strategies. We convert these strategies into actionable tactics that our interactive volunteers implement in order to service you, our customer. A Business ScoreCard (BSC) is utilized to track the progress of our results.

For more detailed information on how we utilize this process you can click here to view our Strategic Planning Documentation. This documentation will allow you to:

  • Have access to an Excel template that is pre-loaded with the QMD SDD information and BSC graph formats (Exel template)
  • Have access to a high level training document on how to utilize the X-Matrix process (Powerpoint template)
  • Have access to our full 2009-2010 QMD presentation to ASQ during our joint SDD session held in June 2009 (Powerpoint presentation)

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