II.C. Strategic Plan Deployment

1. Action plans
Identify basic characteristics of tactics (e.g., specific, measurable/quantifiable, timely, linked to strategic objective, etc.) for translating strategic objectives into action, and determine whether proposed plans meet these criteria.

2. Resource allocation and deployment
Evaluate current resources to ensure they are available and deployed in support of strategic initiatives. Identify and eliminate administrative barriers to new initiatives. Ensure that all stakeholders understand the plan and have the skills necessary to carry out their responsibilities. Identify advocates/cheerleaders for the plan and assign them initial activities and leadership roles.

3. Organizational performance measurement

Design and use performance measures to drive and monitor organizational performance, and evaluate the results in relation to the plan.

4. Quality function in strategic deployment

Represent the quality function in support of strategic plan deployment, and ensure that the voice of the customer is addressed throughout the process.

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