III.B. Communication Skills and Abilities

1. Communication basics
Define communication and its role in organizations, including characteristics of a conducive communication environment and what factors inhibit communication. Describe nonverbal communication factors and what they convey. Use interpersonal skills (e.g., empathy, tact, open-mindedness, friendliness, etc.) and techniques (e.g., clear writing, active listening, open- and closed-questioning, etc.) to support effective communication.

2. Communications in a global economy
Identify key challenges of communicating across different time zones, cultures, languages, and business practices, and identify ways of overcoming them.

3. Communications and technology

Identify how technology has affected communications, including improved information availability, its negative influence on interpersonal communications, the new etiquette for electronic communications, etc. Use appropriate communication methods to deliver different kinds of messages in a variety of situations.

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